Real estate: How to assess the selling price of your home?

MONEY In addition to local listings and the expertise of real estate agents, you can access the amount of transactions recorded by notaries around your home

Posted on 09/13/20 at 10:45 am - Updated on 09/13/20 at 10:45 am

There are many factors involved in the success of a property sale, but if the housing services, its development and good communication obviously come into play, it is above all its price that will be decisive.

If it's too high, it will scare away potential buyers, while if it's too low, you could lose.

Evaluate intrinsic value

The first step is to estimate the cost of your home, with this in mind, take out your calculator and add the total purchase price (transfer duties and agency fees included) to that of any major work you may have done., such as the replacement of windows, the heating system or the roof, which are all added value.In order not to lose money, the objective is for the sale price to be higher than this overall amount .

Second step: have the series of mandatory diagnostics carried out as soon as possible (energy performance, presence of asbestos, lead, termites, condition of the electrical installation and gas).Not only will you not be able to cut it, but these Expertises can also guide you.At equal square meters, an economical housing can indeed be sold more expensive than an energy-intensive one.It is also essential to know the exact surface area of the premises, which is why rigorous measurements must be carried out.on the spot.

Take the pulse of the market

The value of your home also depends on something you depend on: the local real estate market, so you will have to compare your home to those of your neighbors.The barometer established by the Superior Council of Notaries gives a first indication.By entering your city and the type of property concerned on, you will obtain a range of prices per square meter in your area.Then consult the available real estate your area, on the Internet and in agencies near you, to get a more precise idea.And don't hesitate to visit properties for sale similar to yours to gauge the competition.

Posted Date: 2020-09-14

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